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BEMARK easily fits on any workbench, aiming for maximum efficiency in the use of space. In fact, it has the best ratio of occupied space to useful work area size.


The motorized Z-axis with 200mm travel is ideal for those who need to mark components with different shapes and sizes.

This new laser marker is fully integrated, which considerably reduces the footprint and facilitates the operator’s job.


Bemark can also be equipped with an electric door. This means that when the operator places the workpiece inside the cabinet and starts the cycle, the door closes automatically. It will only reopen at the end of the process, ensuring complete safety.



Technical Features

Working position


Working plane size

400×350 mm

Available marking areas

ø140 with FFL160

ø220 with FFL254

Maximum marking height

200 mm with FFL160

95 mm with FFL254

Tipo di laser

Optic Fiber


Maximum weight on the plane

40 Kg

Type of door

Manual or Electric

Machine size

Height: 845 mm

Length: 655 mm

Depth: 885 mm

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