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Laser marking techniques make it possible to laser engrave jewelry with any design, even on complex shapes. Laser engraving jewelry is fast, precise, and permanent.


In the luxury sector, jewelry laser engraving systems are becoming more popular, replacing traditional technologies. Lasers produce precise, long-lasting results.


LASIT specializes in laser engraving machines for metal jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, and watches. Our systems are also able to guarantee consistently high productivity.


Lasers can cut through thin metals to create inscribed or monogrammed necklaces. It can also be used to engrave complex designs on unusual shapes with extreme precision.

For engravings inside rings, our laser engraving machines have a tilting rotating axis

This special rotating axis lets us engrave the inside of the ring without compromising the quality of the laser. The tilting rotating axis can be angled in order to position the ring in the right place for a superior quality engraving.


With the extra-fine point, we can engrave subtle and elegant designs even on very small rings.

Laser cutting on thin precious metals

To cut and engrave thin sheets of silver or gold, LASIT uses a special device that attaches to its laser engraving machines: the tendilamiera or sheet-stretcher. This attachment stretches the sheet of metal and cuts it, making it possible to create uniform shapes without generating any waste material.

Some possibilities for laser engraving on jewelry

  • Laser engraving on: Rings

  • Watches

  • Necklaces

  • Bracelets

  • Necklace with personalized pendant

  • Personalized badges

  • Medals

  • Personalized bracelets

  • Diamond traceability

  • Silver jewelry

TTL Vision System for Absolute Precision

The TTL (Through the Lens) vision system is ideal for centering markings on small pieces. We recommend this technique when you require extreme precision and very high definition. Optimal results are guaranteed!


The TTL system involves inserting a camera — featuring a high definition CCD (Charge Coupled Device) — before the scanning unit, which lets it follow the same optical path as the laser.


With this technology, it is possible to see the results of the marking, guaranteeing the precision required for centering. The camera software is completely integrated in FlyCAD and has several different operating modes: vision only, vision with manual centering, vision with automatic centering

Diamond Traceability: A Precious Certification

Diamonds are forever… so it’s important to know that they are original and pure. Laser engraving can guarantee the traceability of diamonds without compromising the integrity or composition of the stone.

The process involves engraving characters or vector images on the diamond with a high-definition marking of around 100 microns, which is only visible under a 10-power magnifying lens or a microscope. There are two grading systems that describe and certify diamond quality: HRD and GIA.

(Diamond High Council - Hoge Raad Voor Diamond)

To mark diamonds using laser, HRD Antwerp uses high-quality short-wave excimer technology. It can not be seen with the naked eye and therefore does not affect the appearance or physical value of the diamond. Laser marking can be used to match your diamond and its classification report or to personalize it with a personal message or logo.

(Gemological Institute of America)

The evaluation report of the GIA diamond includes an evaluation of the 4C – color, purity, cut and carat weight – along with a graphic diagram of its clarity features and a graphical representation of the proportions of the diamond. For standard round brilliant cut diamonds that fall in the D to Z color range, the ratio also includes a GIA Cut grade.

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