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Promotions manufacturers have specific requirements for laser marking promotional items: high productivity, extreme versatility, and marking intricate decorations on surfaces that are not flat.


LASIT can meet the needs of promotional item manufacturers across the board. Over the years, the company has continued to verticalize its technology and research serving this market. 


Over the last five years, 23 new systems have been developed and more than 400 machines have been installed that address the promotions market’s hardware and software needs.


  • Versatility: the same laser system can perform multiple processing steps on a variety of components and materials

  • Precision: the laser spot is so tiny that it guarantees perfect accuracy even when marking complex drawings and graphics

  • Ecological: the laser is ecological; it produces no polluting waste and is odorless

  • Elimination of consumables: ink and printing generate a large amount of waste, whereas laser marking requires no consumable products

  • Maintenance free: a laser marker does not require any maintenance

  • Indelible: unlike ink, it does not fade over time

Laser vs. Pad Printing

Compared to pad printing, laser offers clear advantages. With pad printing, a cliché (which in turn must be made if not already available) change is required to change design, whereas with a laser marker, everything is software-controlled in just a few seconds.

There are even differences in pre-setting times. Pad printing needs from 3 to 7 minutes, which undermines productivity, whereas laser marking needs only 50 to 180 seconds.

The LASIT advantage

  • Variety of laser sources for marking any material

  • Automatic systems for managing operator less work cycles

  • 3D scanning system for marking cylindrical bodies and complex surfaces

  • Software to interface with ERP systems, guaranteeing interconnection with factory systems

  • Any system can be equipped with a dual source

  • Ultra-fast scanning heads for production capacity optimization

  • Continuous research and development on solutions for water bottles, mugs, and pens


LASIT solutions for marking promotional items

Penfeeder: Automatic marking of pens
  • Mark multiple materials with a single system > Single system, dual laser

  • Increase productivity > Single system, dual laser

  • Change over time > Programmable automatic handling system

  • Collection of components > Automatic ordered outfeed with three-axis robot

Fly Gantry Mag: The new frontier in automation
  • Mark multiple materials with a single system > Single system, dual laser

  • Mark multiple promotional items with the same marker > Single system, software management of layout and components (16 magazines for 208 pallets)

  • Increase productivity > Full automation (45,000 parts per day, one loading operation every 8 hours)

Towerslide X
  • Increase productivity > Parallel processing linear marking system

  • Flexibility > Pallets of parts with different shapes and sizes

  • Useability > Minimum size and user-friendly pre-setting


automatic marking of water bottles

  • Mark multiple materials with a single system > Single system, dual laser

  • Increase productivity > Rotary table

  • Mark water bottles and glasses > 3D marking and dual spindle


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